A Therapist, a Comic Book, and a Breakfast Sausage is the fourth episode in Season 1 of Young Sheldon, that originally aired on CBS on November 16, 2017. It was written by Damir Konjicija & Dario Konjicija and Chuck Lorre & Steven Molaro and was directed by Micheal Zinberg.


Sheldon chokes on a sausage and becomes fearful of solid foods. His parents take him to a psychiatrist, Dr. Goetsch, who talks to his parents first, and tells Sheldon that he can read any of the comic books that are in the waiting room whilst waiting for him. Although Sheldon had previously not been interested in comic books, he starts reading X-Men, which inspires him. He then leaves Dr. Goetsch's office and wanders away to a comic book store to read the next volume of X-Men. He runs into Tam, who is eating licorice at the store. Due to his fear of solid foods, Sheldon initially refuses the licorice that Tam offers him, but eventually gives in and eats one, solving his eating disorder. Meanwhile, Meemaw babysits Georgie and Missy and comforts them on their feelings of being invisible because of Sheldon's quirks taking most of their parents' attention.

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  • UK - March 15, 2018