Poker, Faith, and Eggs is episode three of the first season of Young Sheldon, that originally aired from CBS on November 9, 2017. It was written by Damir Konjicija & Dario Konjicija and Chuck Lorre & Steven Molaro and was directed by Michael Zinberg.

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Sheldon Cooper debates the relationship between religion and science with his family's pastor. Billy Sparks brings some eggs for Missy Cooper. George Cooper Sr. suffers a mild heart attack, so Mary Cooper takes him to the hospital after calling Meemaw to watch the children. While she is sleeping, George Cooper Jr. "borrows" her car and takes the other children to see their father. In the hospital chapel, Sheldon prays to Blaise Pascal for his father's recovery. When he does recover, Sheldon briefly doubts his atheism. When Sheldon gets into another debate with his pastor, George pretends to have heart trouble in order to get his family out of the church service.

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  • UK - March 8, 2018

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